There are very few business opportunities that come with a ready-made and growing £1.1 billion UK market, but a signage franchise delivers just that.

Look around you. Signs are everywhere. From local councils and shops to schools, industrial estates and pubs; without effective signage these organisations and businesses couldn’t function.

Business trends and technologies may come and go, but there will always be a demand for signs.

Combine this with a world-leading brand that is recognised throughout 50 countries and you can begin to see the rewards that running a Signarama franchise could bring.

In the words of Signarama Preston franchisee Keddy Banda: “Being part of such a great brand has so many benefits.  Customers know they are dealing with a top quality, reputable company and the name Signarama opens doors that as an independent I probably couldn’t.

“I can access professional business support and advice any time I want and enjoy great discounts from equipment manufacturers and suppliers because of Signarama’s global buying power.”

With a new Master Licence owner in the UK, there’s never been a more exciting time to join Signarama. Territories are generous with at least 6,000 businesses in each geographic area and many prime locations are still available. The brand is well established in the UK and enjoys an excellent reputation for delivering a quality product and outstanding customer service: an average 70% of turnover at centres across the UK comes from repeat business.

New owners Aliyyah-Begum Nasser and Salim Giga bring considerable expertise in change management and in print and imaging, enabling Signarama franchisees to access top level UK consultancy and mentoring services normally out of financial reach.

And with two franchise package options available Signarama offers complete flexibility.  Prospects can choose the opportunity that best suits their available budget and manufacturing preference.

The full production-based package includes everything required to set up a sign business, from design through to production – and now there’s the brand new Signarama Light showroom-only option too.

At half the cost of the full franchise, the stylish Signarama Light showroom delivers the full benefits of the world’s leading signage brand without needing to incur the upfront costs of in-house production. The footprint required for a Light franchise is far smaller, bringing additional savings in rent, business rates and staffing costs.

So, what kind of people are Signarama looking for? Building a strong network of top quality Signarama Centres that will become an integral part of their local business community is far more important to us than just selling territories.  Candidates have to be right for us and we have to be right for you.

Experience in the sign industry is not essential; Signarama is a management franchise. The franchisee role is to develop and grow the business, recruiting experienced staff to deliver the highest standards of essential visual communications to the local business community.

A Signarama franchise is perfect for a family looking to run a business together, or as an additional offer for existing design and print businesses.  From the moment a new owner joins the network, the Signarama UK-based business support team will be there every step of the way. From helping to prepare a business plan, to raising the finance, finding the ideal premises to setting up and running the centre, there will be a Signarama expert to assist.

To begin your journey towards becoming a Signarama centre owner contact business support team member